# Get Pause Reasons


# Usage

Returns the agent’s assigned Pause Reasons which are the choices available to the agent when selecting a presence state.

# Syntax

webClient.getPauseReasons(): Promise;

# Sample Javascript

import IpscapeWebClient from '@ipscape/web-client';

// Create a new instance of the IpSCAPE Web Client
const webClient = new IpscapeWebClient();

// Make request
webclient.getPauseReasons().then((response) => {
    if(response.success) {
    else {

# Response

This method returns a promise. The resolved response is returned in an object and contains the following:

Example success Response

Returns this object if the API method call was invoked successfully, false otherwise.

    success: boolean;
    result: {
        pauseReasons: Array<PauseReasons>;
        timestamp: number;