# Click to Dial


# Usage

Populate the dialler input when a user clicks an enabled phone number..

# Syntax

webclient.clickToDial(payload: Object): Promise

# Arguments

Name Type Description
payload object The payload object passed to each call to the listener method. Must contain the number field as a string.

# Sample Javascript

import IpscapeWebClient from '@ipscape/web-client';

// Create a new instance of the IpSCAPE Web Client
const webClient = new IpscapeWebClient();

const clickToDialLink = document.querySelector('#clickToDialLink');
clickToDialLink.addEventListener('click', (event) => {
    webclient.clickToDial({ number: event.target.innerText }).then((eventData) => {
        console.log('clickToDial: complete', eventData);

# Response

This method returns a promise. The resolved response is returned in an object and contains the following:

Example success Response

Returns this object if the API method call was invoked successfully, false otherwise.

    success: boolean;
    result: {
        message: string;
        timestamp: number;