# WebSDK

The IpSCAPE Web-client facilitates interaction with with your chosen CRM or application and forms part of a complete solution that enables CTI integrations to be written and operate as a plugin. While IpSCAPE supplies several standard CRM integrations for your use, with the Web-client you are able to tailor your integration to suit the needs of your organisation.

To start writing a CRM integration, you will need to install the @ipscape/web-client which can be installed directly from NPM.

The web-client is a fully-typed SDK.


With NPM:

npm install --save @ipscape/web-client

With Yarn:

yarn add @ipscape/web-client

To Start

To begin writing your application, you will need to import and instantiate a new instance:

import IpscapeWebClient from '@ipscape/web-client';
const webClient = new IpscapeWebClient();

Now when you start using the webClient in your IDE you will find that it is typed and your IDE should be able to offer intellisense where needed.